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Helani Co, founded in 2005 under the direction of Mr. Malek Helani and a few partners, a specialized company in manufacturing and importing high-quality spare parts for vehicles and heavy machinery, and considered one of the top providers for many international companies in the area.

The experience and extensive knowledge in the field of spare parts that our company is famous for has been demonstrated by our engineering workshop available since 1985 in Ajdabiya-Libya, which was the place for maintenance of heavy machinery carried out by our professional engineers and specialized technicians.

We developed our strategy through hard work and long experience of selling and distributing, which is based on providing the best services with the best prices that meet our customers' needs and aspirations, all are offered by our commercial correspondence and purchasing offices located in Aleppo, Syria and considered as the main branch for Helani company.
Syria – Aleppo
+963 944 268513
+963 944 723513
+963 21 3248404

Our company manufactures and imports all types of spare parts including: (Cooler - Spider - Water Pump - Chamber - Cylinder Head - Engine Valve - Liner Kit - Piston Ring).

The company aims in the coming phase to spread out in the Arab world and Africa in terms of export and distribution centers, where a great deal of hard work has been done through a developed and experienced team that is working hard to achieve and meet the needs of our customers. The presence of partners for Helani Company in both Libya and Sudan facilitates the export of our goods to more than 40 destinations.
Libya- Ajdabiya
+218 92 2777749
+218 91 3040619

Sudan - Khartoum
Phone: +249 91 2914815

The company has always developed through the trust of its customers and their suggestions and points of views, therefore we are really grateful to you.